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    Discussion on the focused sessions. Please make suggestions her


    Dear colleagues,
    I wonder if we could discuss the security concerns raised by high pressure experiments in a world where we have to face increasingly restrictive rules. At least, that would give an overview of what is possible where and in which conditions (derogations, etc.).

    Rachel WhiteRachel White

    Eddy, That would be a good topic. We have an approval process driven from elsewhere in our organisation which is very stringent.

    A session on soft matter sample environments would be good too.

    Caroline CurfsCaroline Curfs

    Dear All,

    My colleagues Malcolm Guthrie was suggesting the following topic :
    “One thing PREMP would be very interested to raise would be a discussion on 1.0 GPa gas systems. This is state-of-the art for gas systems. Both ILL and PSI recently developed a commercial prototype and it would be interesting to know their experience. I just heard that ORNL is also interested in this. Everything from the pressure tubing to pressure fittings seems to be at the technology limit. Lastly, how it is all handled within the EU pressure directive is completely opaque. ”
    Oleg suggested also to add the results of the materials for high pressure cells research from the SINE2020 framework.
    What do you think?




    Excellent idea!! The EU directives are not so opaque… true!

    Oleg KirichekOleg Kirichek

    We also could discuss results of our materials for high pressure cells research in SINE2020 framework.

    Malcolm GuthrieMalcolm Guthrie

    Hi Eddy, Oleg, really glad to hear this is being considered for a topic! I think there are lots of challenges on this frontier e.g. how to pressure test in excess of operating pressure when the operating pressure is 1.0 GPa!? If CE-marked products are on the market in the EU, this problem must have been solved? But does it then require a 12-14 kbar compressor!? And how to stop the fittings leaking!?

    Malcolm GuthrieMalcolm Guthrie

    Hi, has anyone been able to register for the ISSE virtual meeting? I followed the links to here: but got stuck on the “security control” part. Seems like we might need the email of a contact person with an IHEP email address? Should we use Tony’s email?


    Hi Malcolm,
    I’m registered. I followed the explanations provided here:

    Malcolm GuthrieMalcolm Guthrie

    Thanks Eddy! It works. To save others who don’t read the instructions: at security control select “collaboration” then “CSNS”.

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