Helium Stewardship

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Many of our experiments depend on the availability of (liquid) Helium. However, Helium is a limited resource, which has seen a significant increase in price over the last years. Moreover, we saw several times a shortage of Helium on the global market which led to significant problems for the realization of planned experiments.

Therefore, in order to realize an undisturbed and rather autonomous supply of liquid Helium, we have to establish a closed-loop system for Helium at our facilities with the aim to control and finally reduce the losses of Helium. 

For this purpose, we need hardware and software solutions for Helium Stewardship, which enable us to collect, monitor and control the liquid and gaseous Helium at our facilities. 

This includes

  • Helium recovery systems
  • Helium liquefaction systems
  • Hardware for Helium monitoring (level meters, gas flow monitors, …)
  • Software for Helium monitoring (standardized database system, visualization, …)  

The ISSE Committee for Helium Stewardship will serve as a platform to exchange information and ideas and to foster common solutions for Helium Stewardship.