We are happy to introduce translators. Click on the desired flag displayed at the top of the webpages to translate the whole site. The translations are not perfect, sometimes funny, but good enough to ease the communication and promote the exchanges.

And you know what ? You can even type your questions and answers in your mother language in the forums ! Let’s give a try 😉

Logo Contest Open

We are glad to inform you that the ISSE logo contest is opened. This logo contest gives you the chance to design and submit a logo that will be used on the Sample Environment website as well as other media.

— How to participate ? Visit our site and click on “Logo Contest“.

— Deadline for entries is 20th September 2016.

The ISSE community looks forward to vote for your best logo!

We worked hard on our website and we are happy to tell you that we made great progress.

In particular:

  • you can now access the list of members: Personal, Corporate, Full and Observing Institutional,
  • you can complete your profile with your photo, a cover photo, your LinkedIn, Skype and Tweeter IDs,
  • the forums accept attachments and you can subscribe to your favorite topics,
  • the presentations of the 1st ISSE school held at ISIS are available to Institutional Members,

and there is more to come…

We kindly invite you to complete your profile and subscribe to our blog using the field provided on the bottom-left of most pages.