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Give your carrier a new dimension at the ILL

Looking for an experience in an international research facility? Come and join the ILL’s Advanced Neutron Environment Service (SANE), responsible for the development, maintenance and user support for equipment used to subject samples to extreme temperature conditions (30 mK to 2000 K). The equipment is used not only for cryogenics, intense magnetic fields (40 T), high temperature and high pressure (220 kbar), but also for humidity, electric fields, etc.

Principally working in the laboratory and the experimental halls, your duties will be to:

  • Maintain, fix, repair and configure cryogenic equipment,
  • Provide support to your colleagues and scientists in order to ensure the proper functioning of the experimental programmes,
  • Draft and update technical documentation and occasionally conduct internal training sessions,
  • Contribute to the development of new sample environments,
  • Work in collaboration with your team to fix and resolve technical issues.

Please have a look at the job advertisement!

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