Daily Archives: 09/04/2020

open position: mechanical design engineer at ESS

ESS is now looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer for the Technical Projects Group within the Neutron Scattering Systems (NSS) Project division. 

The NSS Project Division is responsible for construction and commissioning of the neutron beam instruments for the ESS. The scope of the division includes neutron detectors and data acquisition electronics, chopper systems, experiment control systems, electrical and service infrastructure, the neutron bunker (radiological shielding and infrastructure), and a test beamline.

The Technical Projects Group is responsible for management of engineering of the neutron beam instruments, design and manufacturing of the neutron bunker and radiation shielding, design support for common projects (such as choppers, detectors, beam monitors and shutter systems), delivery of electrical infrastructure and integration of instrument electrical systems. The group is also expected to provide design support for sample environment equipment (which is part of Science Directorate project scope).