Join the International Society for Sample Environment

Sample environment plays a crucial role for the success of a scattering experiment. For many experiments today the role of sample environment is shifted from the traditional role of a purely technical supporting infrastructure to the role of the key component which is crucial for the scientific success of the experiment. With more complex sample environment setups for increasingly complex questions to address, the sample environment teams around the world started in 1999 a closer collaboration with a series of workshops.

Moreover, on the 7th Workshop for Sample Environment at Neutron Scattering Facilities in September 2012 in Sydney the International Society for Sample Environment was launched. The main purpose of this society is the promotion of scientific and technical developments of sample environment at scattering facilities. It will establish even closer links between the sample environment groups worldwide and it will ease the exchange of information.

Please spread the news about the ISSE and join the ISSE as a personal member. Together let us create an active community for sample environment at scattering facilities. Our collabortaion will help to improve the existing sample environment equipment. With schools and workshops we will help to disseminate the knowledge about the possibilities of modern sample environment both within the scientific community and within the technical staff of the scattering facilities.

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