2014 Robotics Workshop — Program

The robotics workshop was organized as a satellite meeting to the 8th International Workshop on Sample Environment for Neutron Scattering that took place at Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire, UK, from 12th to 16th October 2014.

The satellite meeting took place at ISIS on the RAL site. Many international experts from leading neutron and synchrotron facilities worldwide were present at the robotics satellite meeting. In total there were 40 participants, 15 talks, and a lively discussion.


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Friday 17th October 2014
Session 2: Examples of robots for sample handling and positioning
08:40High‐energy attenuation‐contrast and phase‐contrast microtomography using synchrotron radiation at DESYFelix BeckmannHZG
09:00STRESS‐SPEC robot@FRM2 for texture and strain characterizationHeinz‐Günter BrokmeierHZG
09:20Progress of robotized systems for crystallography for beamlines and laboratoriesJean‐Luc FerrerIBS
09:40Beamline Robotics – IMAT Camera Positioning SystemSteve CoxISIS
10.00Ideas for tighter integration of robots in a beamlineBrian NutterDiamond
10:20Coffee break
Session 3: Future trends and developments
10:50Plans and possibilities in sample environment robotics at the European Spallation Source ESSAnders PettersonESS
11:10Few remarks on ENGIN‐X, motivated by the previous discussionJon JamesOpen University
11:20SummaryPeter StaronHZG
11:40Panel discussion: Trends in robotics and automation for sample environment
13:00Valedictory lunch snack