NIST Center for Neutron Research

The NCNR operates 28 experimental stations providing the North American scientific community access to state-of-the-art neutron measurement capabilities. Research ranges from physical and life sciences to fundamental neutron physics, earth science, and engineering. The NCNR has especially emphasized the use of cold neutron techniques with 21 cold neutron stations. The Sample Environment team helps researchers in any phase of the experiment with sample environment issues: planning an experiment, loading a sample, preparing equipment for use, mounting at the spectrometer, and trouble-shooting if any problems are encountered.

The NCNR Strengths in Sample Environment are:

  • Low Temperatures: Dilution refrigerates, 3He systems and cryostats
  • High Magnetic Fields
  • High Pressure
  • Gas Sorption
  • Soft Matter: Rheometer, humidity chambers, 1-2 shear cells
  • High Voltage and Electric Fields