MAX IV Laboratory

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The MAX IV laboratory is based on a 3 GeV linear accelerator (linac) and two low emittance storage rings operating at 1.5 GeV and 3 GeV. The linac will be used to inject electrons into the storage rings and also as a source for femto-second X-ray pulses. The novel multi-bend achromat design of the 3 GeV storage ring leads to an emittance below 0.3 nm rad which means that it will become the world’s brightest storage ring-based light source. The construction and commissioning of these new experimental facilities are well under way and it is foreseen that the first beamlines will become operational during the second half of 2016 with user operation starting in the beginning of 2017.

MAX IV has now started a support group called Sample Environments and Detector Support (SEDS), that will coordinate the development and support of end-station instrumentation. SEDS will take part in end-station developments, procurements, and maintain a pool of spare instruments, as well as promote collaborations with other institutes on sample environments and detectors.

MAX IV sample environments strengths

  • Soft and hard X-ray instrumentation
  • In-situ experiments with cryostats and furnaces
  • In-situ manipulation of small samples
  • Gas systems for catalytic research
  • UHV sample environments