Japan Research Reactor-3


JRR-3 is a 20 MW research reactor operated by Japan Atomic Energy Agency. It is located conveniently near the pulsed neutron source J-PARC/MLF. More than 30 instruments are provided for fundamental research and industrial use.

Representative sample environment equipments available at JRR-3 are following:

  • Low temperatures: dry dilution and 3He refrigerators, cryogenic load flame
  • High temperature: furnaces, cryofurances, electrostatic levitator
  • High magnetic field: electromagnet, wet and dry magnets up to 13.5 T
  • High pressure : clamped cells (~3 GPa), anvil cells (~10 GPa)
  • Polarised neutrons: 3He spin filters, CRYOPAD

JRR-3 Photo