Institut Laue Langevin

ILL logoThe ILL sample environment team develops and maintains environment equipment optimized for neutron scattering in:

  • Gas Sorption: vacuum to high pressure volumetric sorption of numerous gases
  • High Magnetic Field: continuous and pulsed field systems, horizontal and vertical fields, resistive and superconducting magnets
  • High Pressure: clamped cells, gas cells, Paris-Edinburgh presses
  • High Temperature: top-loading Blue furnaces using niobium or vanadium resistors, compact furnaces for cradles, aerodynamic sample levitation
  • Low Temperature: top-loading Orange cryostats and cryofurnaces, cryogen-free cryostats, dilution cryostats and inserts for Eulerian cradles and magnets, non-magnetic goniometers
  • Polarimetry: spin rotators, flippers, zero-field polarimeters
  • Soft Matter: stop-flow chambers, rheometers, liquid-liquid interface cells, electric field cells