European XFEL

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The European XFEL makes available X-rays of unique quality for studies in physics, chemistry, the life sciences, materials research and other disciplines. Three hard and soft X-ray SASE undulators produce intense femtosecond X-ray pulses with high spatial coherence. The seven scientific instruments provide instrumentation for a wide range of experimental techniques including serial femtosecond protein crystallography, single particle imaging, coherent scattering, time resolved X-ray and electron spectroscopy and studies of high energy density states.

With a unique pulse structure, the European XFEL delivers bunch trains of up to 2,700 pulses within 600 microseconds ten times per second. This provides an average repetition rate of up to 27,000 pulses per second as well as the opportunity of probing time evolution of processes with 4.5 MHz repetition rate.

The Sample Environment and Characterization group of the European XFEL provides state-of-the-art sample preparation, characterization and delivery techniques for a wide range of different scientific fields. Strong fields of development are liquid jets for spectroscopy and crystallography both in vacuum and under ambient conditions, fast and precise solid sample positioning and cryogenics and magnetic fields. To support user operation, the group maintains laboratory space and equipment for internal and external user groups. Within the laboratory support the group provides a wide range of microscopic and spectroscopic sample characterization methods.