CSNS LogoCSNS is located at Dalang county of Dongguan city in Guangdong Province, China. The site is located about 125 km north of Hong Kong. The accelerator system includes a 80 MeV H- linac, a 1.6 GeV rapid circling synchrotron and a target station. It is designed to produce 100 kW beam power with the potential to be upgraded to 500 kW in the future.

CSNS has started its commissioning since the launch of its trial run in March 2018, and passed the national acceptance on August 23, 2018. Currently CSNS is running at roughly 50 kW beam power along with three instruments: the General-Purpose Powder Diffractometer, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument, and the Multipurpose Reflectometer. Additional 8 instruments received funding and entered the design and construction phase.

The main CSNS sample environment feature:

  • Low temperature: cyostats, cryofurnaces
  • High magnetic field: superconducting magnet
  • High temperature: niobium furnace
  • High pressure: portable cell, PE cell, gas handling systems
  • Sample Changer: water bath changer for SANS, auto changer for GPPD

aerial view of CSNS