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Cryogenic systems for neutron scattering have a number of very specific requirements that are unique to this application.  Janis Research has supplied cryogenic systems configured for neutron scattering to user facilities around the world.

TLSV 3He cryostat for neutron scattering

Janis has supplied versatile systems for use in multiple experiments, as well as systems that are tailored for specific experiments.  Just some of the instruments where Janis cryostats can be found include:

  • neutron spin echo
  • triple axis
  • high flux backscattering
  • powder diffraction
  • vibrational spectroscopy
  • neutron interferometry

We are happy to work with sample environment teams to alter our designs to meet local dimensional standards or specific experimental requirements.

  • Janis cryostats for neutron scattering can be configured with any of the following features:
  • Sample in vacuum (bottom loading)
  • Sample in static exchange gas (top loading)
  • All top loading systems include additional protection against pressure buildup in the sample tube caused by ice blockages
  • Helium cooled or cryogen free
  • Thin-walled aluminum in the neutron zone
  • Vanadium sample tube
  • Balloon-style sample tubes to place the sample tube walls as far away from the sample as possible
  • Detachable tails (including cold tails with indium-sealed joints), allowing tail sets to be exchanged for different experimental configurations
  • Self-supporting designs that may be mounted on a goniometer
  • Modified sample interfaces to fit local standard sample cans
  • Sample tube sizes up to 100 mm diameter

SVT-400T-XG cryostat for neutron scattering

Janis supplies both closed cycle and liquid helium cooled systems for neutron scattering, including 1.5 K continuously operating closed cycle systems (PT-950T-LT), 4 K closed cycle refrigerator systems (SHI-950T and SHI-4T), 10 K closed cycle refrigerator systems (CCS-250 and CCS-950T), 4 K pulse tube-cooled systems (PT-950T), He-3 systems (He-3-TLSV), and helium cooled variable temperature cryostats (SVT-400T-XG).

A wide temperature range is often of interest for neutron scattering.  Janis has built systems for operation to temperatures as low as 300 mK.   Other cryostats are available with a temperature range as broad as 1.5 K – 800 K.

Whatever the experimental need, Janis applications engineers can work with the sample environment team to provide a customized solution, beginning with an extensive range of proven designs.

For more information, please visit our web site or email us.

1.5 K CCR cryostat for neutron scattering