ICEoxford Limited

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ICEoxford is an innovative company dedicated to providing the highest quality bespoke and standard products to the worldwide low temperature science research community. With over 150 years of combined cryogenic experience to call on, ICEoxford is superbly positioned to supply systems that are individually tailored to suit the particular needs of specific applications. We specialise not only in wet and dry systems, but also in magnetic fields combined with optical and electrical access. We provide an unrivalled level of customer support with highly trained personnel and a large range of custom spares.

With respect to neutron scattering our offerings include:

  1. The largest available standard sample space (up to 115mm), with customisation.
  2. Fast cool down probes, achieving cooling from 300K to <2K in below 40 minutes.
  3. Rotation stages with accuracy greater than 0.1 degree.
  4. High temperature systems operating at 800 K
  5. Ultralow temperature systems operating at < 10 mK.

A detailed description of our products is available here:

ICEoxford also undertake the servicing, refurbishment and upgrade of equipment, including that of other manufactures. Please contact for more information.