HTS-110 LogoBased in Wellington, New Zealand, HTS-110 designs and manufactures a range of superconducting products including compact cryogen-free Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems, high field electromagnets, HTS motor coils and HTS current leads.

HTS-110 was formed in 2004 to capitalise on the world leading research programme into High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) materials carried out by Industrial Research Ltd (IRL) – a Wellington based, New Zealand government owned science and innovation company. In February 2014, New Zealand listed engineering company SCOTT® Technology Ltd extended a majority shareholding in HTS-110 to take full control. SCOTT® Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of automated production and process machinery for the appliance and food industries and is recognised by its clients, which include all the major appliance builders in the USA and internationally, as a world class builder of advanced automation systems.

HTS-110 supplies custom instruments to the world’s leading synchrotron and neutron beamlines. These instruments take full advantage of the properties of HTS wire to deliver compact cryogen-free magnets with field strengths in excess of 8 Tesla which provide researchers with next generation magnetic environments for materials characterisation and analysis. HTS-110 magnets are especially suited to beamline instruments where size and complex geometries are required; or where the magnetic field needs to be changed regularly; or where the field needs to be rotated relative to the beam.

Key advantages of HTS magnets  can include:

  • Cryogen free with fast cool down
  • Designs for tight spatial constraints, with the ability to be goniometer mounted for rotation
  • An ability to be utilised with variable sample temperatures inserts
  • Rapid ramping
  • An ability to be built inside or around UHV equipment

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