attocube is the technology leader for high precision measurement and motion systems. The portfolio includes piezo positioning devices, optical displacement sensors with picometer resolution and measurement platforms, all optimised for the use in extreme environments such as cryogenic temperatures, high magnetic fields and high or ultra-high vacuum.


Multi-axis piezo positioning solutions

Pico-precise interferometer for displacement measurements

The portfolio includes linear, rotational, goniometric motors an scanners as well as hexapods.Measurement of displacements, tilts, and vibrations on different targets. Vacuum-compatible and radiation-hard sensor heads allow measurements directly at the sample.

Closed cycle cryostat systems

The dependence on liquid helium continues to involve heavy logistics, high prices and insecure supplies. Consequently, closed-cycle cryostats are becoming more and more popular in all areas involving measurements at variable or low temperatures.

Measurement inserts for nano characterisation

attocube's State-of-the-art Systems constitute a wide range of dedicated research tools within attoMICROSCOPY. Many of these instruments are based on well-established techniques in nanoscience, which have been adopted and optimised for low temperature and high magnetic field operation.