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Advanced Research Systems was started in 1986 to provide cryogenic solutions for low-temperature research. We are a leader in cryogenic closed- and open-cycle solutions from 1.5k – 800k; up to 1.6W cooling power; ultralow vibrations < 2 nm; and high magnetic fields up to 9Twith superconducting magnets. Our cryogenic solutions are used for cutting-edge applications and experiments ranging from quantum science to optical spectroscopy, to neutron scattering. ARS specializes in Helium-Free Cryostats, Flow Cryostats, and Probe Stations; all of which are manufactured in our headquarters in Macungie, Pennsylvania.


ARS Closed Cycle Cryocoolers

ARS manufactures, sells, and services a range of cryocoolers, with options including . . .

  • Base temperatures < 2.7 K
  • 1.5 W at 4.2 K cooling power
  • 800 K High Temp. Interface
  • Goniometer-friendly designs
  • Low-vibration interfaces
  • Ultra-high vacuum interfaces
  • Customization available




Goniometer-mounted ARS cold head for X-ray diffraction at BESSY-II Photo courtesy of Dr. Dirk Wallacher

Goniometer-mounted ARS cold head for X-ray diffraction at BESSY-II Photo courtesy of Dr. Dirk Wallacher

Dry Sample-in-vapor Cryostats with Beam Access for Neutrons and Photons

The Omniplex line of cryostats include new options for
1.5 K operation

and cold swapping for <30 minute cooldown.

ARS will customize the Omniplex to perfectly fit

dimensional and sample access needs.





Ultra-Stable and Low-vibration Solutions for Studying Quantum Materials

ARS products serve the most demanding needs for quantum materials research. These include multiple access ports for RF probes, low working distance optical access windows, 4K sample cooling, and ultra stable temperature regulation.

Ultra-low vibrations at the sample position are maintained via copper braids or helium exchange gas interface.


Portable Helium Management Solutions

ARS is upgrading and refining helium management products to meet the needs of modern user facilities. Portable liquefiers are an option for facilities without central liquefiers. Automated liquid transfer systems will help all facilities to maximize efficiency and minimize beamtime interruptions when filling wet cryostats.