2020 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Program

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Wednesday 9th
18:30News from JRR-3Koji KANEKOJ-RR3
18:45Australian Center for Neutron Scattering: Facility and Progress Report Rachel WHITEANSTO
19:00Sample Environment for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy Experiments at ISIS Facility Oleg KIRICHEKISIS, STFC
19:15Update on ILL Sample Environment Developments Eddy LELIÈVRE-BERNAILL
19:30News from the MLZ Jürgen PETERSMLZ
19:45Facility News from PSIMarek BARTKOWIAKPSI
20:00NIST Center for Neutron Research News UpdateYamali HERNANDEZNIST
20:15Recent Status of Sample Environment in CSNSXin TongCSNS
Thursday 10th
18:30Status Report HZBKlaus KIEFERHZB
18:45Current Status of J-PARC MLFTakayuki OKUJ-PARC
19:00MAXIV LAboratory Facility UpdateStefan CARLSONMAXIV
19:15European XFEL Facility UpdateJoachim SCHULZEuropean XFEL
19:30Faculty report - ESRFYves WATIERESRF
19:45SwissFEL Cristallina: the Beamline and its sample environmentJakub VONKAPSI
20:00Recent Developments of HTS Magnets for Polarized Neutron ScatteringTaotao HUANGHTS-110
Wednesday 11th
18:30Helium ManagementKlaus KIEFERHZB
18:45The Unified Sample Workflow at the European XFELCarsten DEITEREropean XFEL
19:00The Sample Environment Communication Protocol (SECoP) and One Example Implementation Markus ZOLLIKERPSI
19:15An Autonomous Liquid-Handling Platform for AI-Driven Industrial Formulation DiscoveryTyler MARTINNIST
19:30Low Background Materials for High Pressure Cells Used in Inelastic Neutron Scattering ExperimentsOleg KIRICHEKISIS, STFC, UKRI
19:45New Gas Pressure Cells for Neutron Scattering - A Progress ReportGaetan GIRIATPSI
20:00Highlights and Challenges from Seven Years of Magnet and Cryostat Operation at the Extreme Environment Diffractometer (EXED) at HZB Sebastian GERISCHERHZB
20:15Levitation Furnaces for Neutron Scattering at ORNLDante QUIRINALEORNL