2018 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Program

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Monday 3rd September 2018
Facility Overview I
09:00OPENINGPaolo Imperia, Klaus KieferANSTO, HZB
09:20Facility Update & Progress Report:Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringGene DavidsonANSTO
09:40Intoduction of ExhibitorsExhibitors
Facility Overview II
11:20Sample Environment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope ReactorGary LynnORNL
11:40Update on the activities of the SANE teamEddy Lelivre-BernaILL
Facility Overview III
14:00Sample Environment at J-PARC MLFTakayuki OkuJ-PARC
14:40Science Support Systems at ESS Update Sept 2018Arno HiessESS
15:00The Sample Environment Team at MAX IV LaboratoryStefan CarlsonMAX IV
15:30Coffee + Exhibition
Facilities Overview IV
16:00SE@MLZ: What's the News?Jürgen PetersMLZ
16:20NIST Center For Neutron Research News Update 2017-2018Yamali HernandezNCNR
16:40The Sample environment at SINQ, PSI in View of the SINQ Guide Upgrade ProgramMarek BartkowiakPSI
17:00Beyond the Basics in an Increasingly Complex WorldChris RedmonORNL
17:30Poster + Exhibition
20:30ISSE Board Meeting
Tuesday 4th September 2018
09:00The Sample Environment Communication Protocol SECOP Markus Zolliker PSI
09:20IBEX - Sample Environment Control at ISISKathryn Baker ISIS
09:40SECOP Library and SECOP LabView IntegrationFrank WutzlerHZB
10:00Experience with the Sample Environment Communication Protocol SECOPEnrico Faulhaber MLZ
10:30Coffee break
11:00Best Practices in Development and TestingKathryn Baker ISIS
11:20Multi-Application Neutron In-Situ AC Susceptometer (Maniacs) for Simultaneous Neutron Measurements at Low Temperatures and High Pressure at NCNRPaul NevesNCNR
11:40How the Growth of Neutron Imaging at ORNL Impacts the Sample Environment ProgramLouis SantodonatoORNL
12:00HUGINN: Peltier-Based Temperature Controlled Sample Platforms for Neutron ScatteringAlexander HolmesESS
Low Temp I
14:00Cryogenic Sample Environment at ISISRichard DownISIS
14:20Adjustable Sample Cooling by 4 K Two Stage Pulse Tube Cold Head With Minimum Input Power Driven by Smart Helium CompressorJack-Andre SchmidtUniv. Giessen
14:40Extending the Capabilities of the ARS Omniplex for 1.5 K Sample in Vapor ApplicationsLouis SantodonatoARS
15:00A Wet Cryostat For The 21st Century?Alexander HolmesESS
15:30Coffee break
Magnets & Low Temp II
16:00Non-Magnetic Goniometer for Dilution RefrigeratorsMarek BartkowiakPSI
16:20New Technology Developments for High Magnetic Field and Low Temperature Sample EnvironmentJohn BurgoyneOxford Instruments
16:40New Sample Environment Projects and Developments at The Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringPaolo ImperiaANSTO
17:00A Passively Shielded HTS Magnet for Polarized Neutron ScatteringTaotao HuangHTS-110
17:30Poster Session B + Exhibition
20:30SECoP Meeting
Wednesday 4th September 2018
Overview V
09:00General assembly ISSE
09:40Sample Environment for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy Experiments at ISIS FacilityOleg KirichekISIS
10:00Coffee break
Soft Matter & High Temp
10:30Adsorption Throughs for Horizontal ReflectometryEric DelangreILL
10:50Advances Made in the Short Existence of Soft MatterAndy ChurchISIS
11:10In-Situ Setup for Gravimetric Measured Vapour Sorption Combined with Small Angle Neutron ScatteringDirk Wallacher HZB
11:30Sample Environment Developments in Gas Handling, High Temperature and High Pressure.Chris GoodwayISIS
13:00Transfer to BER II
14:00Neutron Scattering at The BER II FacilityKlaus HabichtHZB
14:20HFM-EXED: The HZB High Field Facility for Neutron ScatteringPeter SmeibidlHZB
14:40HFM Cryostats in OperationRobert WahleHZB
15:00Ultra-Low Temperature Sample Environment at the ISIS Neutron and Muon SourceChristopher LawsonISIS
15:20A Horizontal Dilution Refrigerator for The EXED 26 T BeamlineTed ForganUniv. of Birmingham
15:50Visit BER II
18:30Dinner Boat
20:00After-Dinner Speeches
Sample Environment Workshops 1999 - 2018, A ReviewMichael Meissner
Serge Pujol was a Legend!Eddy Lelivre-Berna
Thursday 5th September 2018
08:15Transfer to BESSY II
Overview VI
09:30BESSY II as Part of the European Light Source Landscape - Overview, Possibilities, Requirements: A Gateway to Science and International CollaborationAntje VollmerHZB
09:50The Sample Environment Services at the ESRFYves WatierESRF
10:10Sample Environment and Extreme Condition Science Infrastructure ECSI at PETRA IIIAnita EhnesDESY
11:30Sample Environment at the European XFELJoachim SchulzXFEL
11:00Coffee + Exhibition
Photons I
11:30Approach to Sample Delivery for Room Temperature &
Time Resolved Experiments at Diamond and XFEL
Peter DockerDiamond
11:50Versatile In Situ Cell for Resonant X-Ray Scattering and MicroscopyIsvar CordovaALS
12:10Novel Solutions for Near - Ambient Pressure In-Situ and
In-Operando Photoelectron Spectro-Microscopy
Matteo AmatiElettra
12:30Controlled Gas Atmospheres for XRD and XANES at BESSY-IIDirk Wallacher HZB
13:00Lunch + Posters C + Exhibition
Photons II
14:00Nanoscale 3-D X-Ray ImagingGerd SchneiderHZB
14:15Compact HTS Magnets for Synchrotron X-Ray ExperimentsTaotao HuangHTS-110
14:30Sample Environment at the Beamlines for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography at BESSY IIChristian FeilerHZB
14:45Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Catalitically Active Solid-Gas and Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Axel Knop-GerickeF.-Haber-Inst.
15:00Sample Control and Environment for Angle-Resolved Photoemission Experiments at BESSY IIAndrei VarykhalovHZB
15:25Visit BESSY II
17:15Transfer to Hotel
18:30Goodbye Dinner (BBQ)