2016 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

We greatly appreciated the support shown to our Workshop by the following companies.

Janis-logoJanis supplies both closed cycle and liquid helium cooled systems for neutron scattering, including 1.5 K continuously operating closed cycle systems, 4 K closed cycle refrigerator systems, 10 K closed cycle refrigerator systems, 4 K pulse tube-cooled systems, He-3 systems, and helium cooled variable temperature cryostats.

Oxford-instruments-logoOxford Instruments NanoScience designs, supplies and supports market-leading research tools that enable quantum technologies, new materials and device development in the physical sciences. Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, cryogen free low temperature and magnetic environments, based upon our core technologies in low and ultra low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration, with ever-increasing levels of experimental and measurement readiness. Oxford Instruments NanoScience is a part of the Oxford Instruments pie group.

AS-logoAS Scientific Products Ltd. is one of the world’s major suppliers of high specification, low temperature engineering equipment. For us no project is too large or too small. We work closely with customers ranging from the country’s largest users of liquefied gases, to the smallest research laboratories. Our reputation is international. We offer complete support, from concept design through to final construction and commissioning. Clients have unlimited access to the substantial experience and resources of our Cryogenic, Vacuum Pipeline Systems (SIVL), Industrial Cryogenics and Precision Machined and Fabricated Components divisions.

Bronze Sponsors

We greatly appreciated the support shown to our Workshop by the fbllowing companies :

cryogenic-limitedCryogenic Limited leads the market in delivering high performance superconducting magnet systems for science researchers. Magnet configurations (to 18 T cryogen-free, 22 T in low loss cryostats) include solenoids, split pair, vector, UHV and beam-line magnets. Our flagship integrated measurement and analysis platforms are Physical Property Characterization Systems and SQUID magnetometers. Measurements include: DC moment & AC susceptibility; specific heat, thermal transport; DC & AC electric resistivity, Dielectric/capacitance, Critical Current. Sample temperature (1.6 – 400 K) can be augmented by Helium-3 (300mK) & Dilution Refrigerator (SOmK) inserts, and furnace (700 – l000 K) inserts.

Nitto GroupThe Nitto Group strives to become a centinneial company that is always trusted by customers, embraced by employees with pride, makes an active contribution to society, and continuously grows on a global scale.

We would also like to thank our exhibitors: