2016 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Program

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Sunday 18th September 2016
16:00Registration and Reception
19:00Arrival Dinner
Monday 19th September 2016
09:00WelcomeTom NewtonNCNR
Session 1.1 — Facility Overviews IGary LynnORNL
09:10Update on the Activities of the SANE TeamEddy Lelièvre-BernaILL
09:30Sample Environment at J-PARC/MLFSeiko Ohira-KawamuraJ-PARC
09:50Sample Environment for Neutron Scattering Experiments at ISISOleg KirichekISIS
10:10News from FRM IIJürgen PetersFRM II
10:30Coffee break
11:00News from NCNR!Yamali HernandezNCNR
11:20Status of ESS Science Support Systems (SSS) – Recent Achievements and Delivery StrategyArno HiessESS
11:40Recovery and Progress in Sample Environment at JRR-3Koji KanekoJRR-3
12:00Sample Environment and Facility News from PSIMarek BartkowiakPSI
Session 1.2 — Facilities Overview IIKoji KanekoJRR-3
14:00Sample Environment Operations and Projects / Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringPaolo ImperiaANSTO
14:20Current Progress of Sample Environment in CSNSHaitao HuCSNS
14:40Sample Environment at ORNL’s High Flux Isotope Reactor and Spallation Neutron SourceGary LynnORNL
15:00Sample Environment at the HZBKlaus KieferHZB
15:20New Sample Environment for BESSY IIBastian KlemkeBESSY II
15:50Coffee break
16:10Poster Session A
19:30ISSE Board Meeting
Tuesday 20th September 2016
Session 2.1 — Sample ManipulationPhilip Ryan
09:00Time Resolved Neutron Scattering from Quantum Materials Beyond EquilibriumJonas Kindervater
09:20Three Impossible Things Before Lunch or That Sounds Challenging, You Want It When?Norman BoothANSTO
09:40Novel Multiaxial Loading Devices for Straining of Sheet Metal with In-situ Neutron DiffractionJustin MilnerNCNR
10:00ISIS Robot Cryogenic Sample Changer DevelopmentMatt NorthISIS
10:30Coffee break
11:00An Overview of Unusual Solutions for Usual Requests at the NIST Center for Neutron ResearchJuscelino LeãoNCNR
11:20Recent Advancements on SEOP Based 3He Neutron Spin Filter DevelopmentWangchun ChenNCNR
Session 2.2 — SoftwareMarek BartkowiakPSI
11:40Computer control integration with Sample Environment equipment at the Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringAndrew ManningANSTO
12:00The Sample Environment Communication Standard Protocol (SECoP)Markus ZollikerPSI
Session 2.3 — CryogenicsArno HiessESS
14:00The ISIS Helium Recovery ProjectRichard DownISIS
14:20Cryogenic strain gauge development projectRobert DoneISIS
14:40Stability of Rhodium Iron Resistive Thermometers After Thermal CyclingAndrew ManningANSTO
15:00Asphyxiation Due to Oxygen Depletion AtmospheresRobert DoneISIS
15:20Helium-Management at the Helmholtz-Zentrum BerlinKlaus KieferHZB
15:50Coffee break
16:10Poster Session B
19:30Meeting: ISSE Committee for StandardizationFacility Representatives
Wednesday 21st September 2016
Session 3.1 — High Pressure, Gas Systems, and In-Situ ChemistryCraig BrownNCNR
09:00New-Generation NSE & SANS Pressure CellsJulien GonthierILL
09:20Gas Handling Sample Environment Developments at STFCChris GoodwayISIS
09:40What can we learn from not so high pressure physics?Andrey PodlesnyakORNL
10:00The Sample Environment of VISION, the World's Only High Throughput INS SpectrometerAnibal (Timmy) Ramirez-Cuesta
10:30Coffee break
Session 3.2 — Magnetic and Electric FieldsSeiko Ohira-KawamuraJ-PARC
11:00Oxford Instruments Nanoscience — latest developmentsPhil PickeringOxford Instruments
11:20Employing Frequency Dependence in X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy MeasurementsPhilip Ryan
11:40A Dilution Refrigerator Operating in a Horizontal 17 Tesla Solenoid CryomagnetEdward (Ted) ForganUniv. Birmingham
12:00Sample Environment for the High Field MagnetSebastian GerischerHZB
Session 3.3 — Soft MatterPaul ButlerNCNR
14:00BerILL: The new-generation humidity chamberJulien GonthierILL
14:20A New Dielectric RheoSANS Instrument for the Simultaneous Interrogation of Rheology, Microstructure and Electronic Properties of Complex FluidsJeffrey J. RichardsNCNR
14:40Soft Matter Sample Environment at ISIS - Continuous challenges in the current climate...Andy ChurchISIS
15:00A Peltier Based Controlled Temperature Sample Changer for SANS using a Novel Modular Control SystemNorman BoothANSTO
15:20Understanding fluid structure at high shear rates: developing µRheoSANSJaven WestonNCNR
15:50Coffee break
16:00ISSE General Assembly
17:30Banquet Dinner
Thursday 22nd September 2016
09:15Departure to NIST
10:30Arrival — Coffee Break
11:00Sample Environments for IndustryRon Jones
11:30Closing CeremonyKlaus Kiefer, Paolo Imperia, Yamali Hernandez, Eddy Lelièvre-Berna
13:30Tour of NIST Center for Neutron ResearchJuscelino LeãoNCNR