2014 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Program

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Monday 13th October 2014
Session 1.1 — Workshop Opening and Facility Overviews IZoë BowdenISIS
09:20WelcomeRobert McGreevyISIS
09:40Update on ILL activitiesEddy Lelièvre-BernaILL
10:20News from FRM IIJürgen PetersMLZ
10:40Update from the NIST Center for Neutron ResearchYamali HernandezNCNR
11:00Current status of extreme environment single crystal neutron diffractometer SENJU, and latest news from JRR-3Koji KanekoJRR-3
11:20Coffee break
Session 1.2 — Low Temperature IJürgen PetersFRM II
11:40Standardization of low temperature equipment at SINQMarkus ZollikerPSI
12:00Crimping tool kit for single wiring in cryostatsHerbert WeissMLZ
12:20The ISIS helium recovery projectRichard DownISIS
Session 1.3 — Low Temperature IIKlaus KieferHZB
13:40Magnetic dynamics near quantum criticality in an Ising magnetInvited Speaker:
Jordan Thompson
University of Oxford
14:20Impact of the cryogen free revolution on operation of ISIS facilityOleg KirichekISIS
14:40Thermometer calibration program at the SNSTodd SherlineORNL
15:00Coffee break
Session 1.4 — MagnetsMarkus ZollikerPSI
15:20Compact 2.2 Telsa high-Tc magnet with large room temperature boresHerbert WeissMLZ
15:40Sample cooling below 1K in the high field magnet at the Helmholtz-Zentrum BerlinRobert WahleHZB
16:0040 Tesla pulsed field cryomagnet for neutron scatteringEddy Lelièvre-BernaILL
16:20Poster Session I
17:00ISSE Board Meeting
Tuesday 14th October 2014
Session 2.1 — Facility Overviews IIYamali HernandezNCNR
09:20Science support systems for a successful ESS neutron science user programArno HiessESS
09:40Current status of sample environment at J-PARC MLFTomokazu AsoJ-PARC
10:00Developments at the HZBKlaus KieferHZB
10:20Facility update of the FLNP, CryogenicsAleksandr ChernikovJINR
11:40Review of current status and development of Sample Environment at ISIS facilityOleg KirichekISIS
11:00Coffee break
Session 2.2 — Gas Systems, ln-situ Chemistry & High TemperatureOleg KirichekISIS
11:20High throughput inelastic neutron scattering, from fiction to reality, challenges and opportunitiesInvited Speaker: A.J. (Timmy) Ramirez-CuestaORNL
12:00Laser driven furnace provides 88% of the maximum available solid angle for scattered neutronsHerbert WeissMLZ
12:20Development in high pressure hydrogen at ISISChris GoodwayISIS
12:40Commissioning of novel vapour/humidity systemsPaolo ImperiaANSTO
Session 2.3 — Sample Control and ManipulationGary LynnORNL
14:00P.I.C.S.E.'s - Solutions for automation at HFIRChris RedmonORNL
14:20"Isaac" - a modular control softwareBastian KlemkeHZB
14:40The ISIS Cryogenic sample changer conceptMatt NorthISIS
15:00Coffee break
15:30Leave for workshop excursion
Wednesday 15th October 2014
Session 3.1 — Facility Overviews III Eddy Lelièvre-Berna ILL
09:00Sample environments, facilities and instruments at the Australian Nuclear Scattering FacilityPaolo ImperiaANSTO
09:20Present condition of Sample Environment at HANAROJimyung RyuHANARO
09:40Sample Environment at SINQ, Paul Scherrer Institute, overview and newsMarkus ZollikerPSI
10:00Sample Environment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope ReactorGary LynnORNL
10:20Coffee break
Session 3.2 — High PressurePaolo ImperiaANSTO
10:40Instrument development for crystallography at high-pressureInvited Speaker: Konstantin KamenevCSEC
11:20Neutron focusing with sample environmentMarek BartkowiakPSI
11:40Micro neutron diffraction in diamond anvil cells at the CNSMalcolm T. GuthrieESS
12:00A sapphire anvil cell for sub-Kelvin neutron diffraction experiments at high pressureChristopher RidleyCSEC
12:20Workshop Photograph
Session 3.3 — Soft MatterAnnie BruletLLB
13:40The next-generation humidity chamber for neutron scatteringDirk WallacherHZB
14:00New hardware for soft materialsJulien GonthierILL
14:20Ground-up redesign of the solid-liquid sample environmentRob BarkerILL
14:40Cryogen-free cryostat with sample exchanger for fast automatic data collectionMelanie ResagMLZ
15:00Coffee break
15:20Poster Session II
16:30Free time / JRA Meeting Session I
19:00Coach to Workshop Banquet
Thursday 16th October 2014
07:00Breakfast and checkout
09:00Travel to ISIS Facility
Session 4.1 — Closing SessionZoë BowdenISIS
10:00Understanding silk using Large Scale FacilitiesAnn TerryISIS
10:25First General Assembly of the ISSEKlaus KieferHZB
11:10Technical School and Close of MeetingZoë BowdenISIS
11:20Coffee break
11:30JRA Meeting Session II, CR16/17 R80
11:40ISIS Facility Tours
14:00Departure / Robotics Satellite Meeting