2001 Int. Sample Env. Workshop — Program

Wednesday 4th April 2001
19:00Registration and Reception
20:00Dinner at the PSI Restaurant Oase (PSI East)
Thursday 5th April 2001
Morning Session
08:30Opening Remarks
A dilution refrigerator for powder diffraction at SINQBen van den BrandtPSI
The use of Ultra Low Temperature equipment at ISISRichard DownISIS
Magnetic Cooling for Low Temperature Neutron Scattering ExperimentsPeter SmeibidlHZB
Sample Environments at the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS): Successes and ChallengesKen VolinIPNS
High temperature and low temperature equipment for diffractometers at Troitsk centreVictor A. SarinLNI/RAS Moscow
Low Temperature Equipment at the New Neutron Source FRM-IIJüŸrgen PetersFRM II
12:30Lunch at the PSI Restaurant
Afternoon Session
14:00Magnetic Neutron Scattering at BENSC: present status and future projectsMichael MeissnerHZB
Sample Environment at the NCNR / experience with supraconducting magnets at high fieldsDaniel C. DenderNCNR
1.8 K closed cycle refrigerator running on a 4-circle diffractometerFrédéric ThomasILL
Conception and Design of a Cell Furnace for Inert Gas or Vacuum Conditions (-50°C < T < +250°C)Gerhard KozikGKSS
A sample environment for fully hydrated biomimetic membranesRobert HammondChalk River Lab.
18:30Dinner at the PSI restaurant
Friday 6th April 2001
Morning Session
08:30Sample Changers / AutomationIan BaileyISIS
Sample Environment and Diffractometer Controlled by InternetVolker WagnerPTB Braunschweig
Temperature control at SINQMarkus ZollikerPSI
High Pressure Cells For Neutron Diffraction and Inelastic Scattering at Low TemperatureRavyl SadykovIHPP/RAS Moscow
Sample Stage Designs for Closed Cycle RefrigeratorsLouis SantodonatoSNS
A furnace for maintaining samples in controlled atmospheres to 2200 KMike WatsonChalk River Lab.
12:30Lunch at the PSI Restaurant
Afternoon Session
14:00SINQ Visit
Hot Stuff at ISIS (Poster)Chris GoodwayISIS
Round table discussion on future developments and cooperationsMichael MeissnerHZB
Closing RemarksMichael MeissnerHZB
19:00Conference Dinner