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    Hello everyone,

    Some of you already use Quantum Northwest sample changers (https://www.qnw.com/product/neutroniq-1×8/).They claim that they can control the temperature in the range -15 °C to +150 °C. Has anyone already used them down to -15°C? Do they really prevent condensation on windows?

    Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Eddy

    Harald Schneider
    Harald Schneider

    Hej Eddy,
    at JCNS (MLZ) me and of course the actual staff uses them. To gain temperatures below 5˚C just align the water bath circulater to lower Temperatures (it helps the Peltierelement).
    To avoid condensing there are 2 methods , permanently flushing (parallel to the quarz windows with nozzles) with dry air/gas (e.g.N2), or using a kind of hood above the magazine and fill it from the bottem with dry air.
    At D22 they have a kind of Plexiglas box, which is fine for that , build in the magazine and then flushing with dry gas. This should help.

    Good luck


    Andy Church
    Andy Church

    Hi Eddy,

    I believe NIST use them as their standard and do rather well. Jeff or Cedric would be able to help on this.


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