Reply To: Furnace on NSE spectrometer


Dear Malcolm,

Sorry for my late reply, we were collecting infos from IN11 because that furnace is directly managed by the instrument team. This furnace allows to keep the sample in a vacuum or in gas.

To summarise, the core of the furnace is made from a chamber (the smallest one shown on the photo) with 2 Thermocoax heaters wound at the top and at the bottom. Each Thermocoax is made of 2 wires wound directly in a groove machined on the chamber. As these two wires are wound together, the current circulates in both ways and there is no generation of magnetic field.

This chamber does not allow to heat above 450°C (700K). Thermocoax heaters can be used at up to 1000°C but the conditions in which they are used prevents the exploitation of higher temperatures. A solution would be to brase them homogeneously.

I do not have a quotation of the heater used in this furnace so I provide another quote we requested to build compact heaters for cradles. The current also circulates in both ways and the sample is glued at the extremity of a cartridge containing that heater. With this solution, the Thermocoax heater is replaceable and the sample is heated up to 800°C in vacuum.

Hope this helps,