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Happy New Year to our 150 Members!

Happy New Year 2017This year, our society reached a game-changing milestone…

150 Personal Members!

And to ease further our exchanges, we have implemented a translation tool allowing you to translate any web page. Click on your favorite flag at the top of pages.

Happy New Year!

Posters & Presentations of the 2016 ISSE workshop now online

Participants of the ISSE workshop 2016

Participants of the ISSE workshop 2016

The posters and the presentations of the 9th edition of the ISSE workshop are now available to all ISSE members.

Organised by the NCNR and hosted by the University of Maryland, this workshop gathered 75 colleagues from neutron & x-ray scattering facilities worldwide as well as representatives from a few companies participating in the development of sample environment equipment. It took place at Liberty Mountain Resort, Gettysburg, PA, (USA) on the 19 – 22nd of September.

MAX IV joins the ISSE

max_ivThe Swedish national synchrotron facility MAX IV has joined the ISSE.  Their sample environments strengths are:

  • Soft and hard X-ray instrumentation
  • In-situ experiments with cryostats and furnaces
  • In-situ manipulation of small samples
  • Gas systems for catalytic research
  • UHV sample environments

We welcome them and look forward to a very fruitful collaboration…